“Newsflash: Most women on a mission make one crucial mistake that keeps them
invisible, mediocre, and 


Find out how to break free from the “The Approval Trap”
and unleash the brazen YOU within so you can finally play big in the world.

Is this you?

  • Each time you post to your blog, you spend the next 24 hours compulsively refreshing your inbox for notifications that people have left comments.
  • Instead of offering that workshop, you spend money on more training. Then someone less experienced offers the same workshop you wanted to do.
  • When you read Facebook, the knots in your stomach get tighter and tighter with each status update and you wonder … What happened to that book I wanted to write? Why don’t I ever follow through on my business ideas? What if I never do ANYTHING important with my life?!
  • You want your clients to LOVE working with you BUT you’re so worried about doing a good job that you can hardly concentrate on what they’re saying to you.
  • You can’t believe you just took money again from that soul sucking, patronizing, sarcastic client – but beggers can’t be choosers you secretly think.
  • You avoid networking events because you HATE those surfacy conversations you force yourself through and the cringy feeling you get as you pass your biz card to someone you meet who you desperately hope will want to hire you.
  • You would die if anyone ever knew how much you resent other women who seem to have it all figured out, how much you resent your clients who don’t respect your time, and how much you resent your friends and family who never seem to acknowledge your hard work.
If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to get real. You are trapped.
I call it The Approval Trap.

I see soooo many women on a mission –entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and other leaders –who sell themselves short, play small or give up too quickly when they could be living the good life – having a blast doing their thing, healing the world and making incredible money in the process.

Yep. It totally pisses me off when I think about it because I know you want to do your work in the world, to play big, to make a real impact. You have something to say, dammit! And I know you can.

But you need a sustainable if not thriving business to have the impact you want to make in the world. But you don’t charge enough to make good money!

You’ll never attract your ideal client, make enough money or have the impact you want when you aren’t willing to stand out, play big, or make some waves.

In fact you probably think being likeable is the recipe for success. Wrong!

Trying to be likable, and appear perfect and selfless in the process actually guarantees you stay stuck, unhappy and poor!

Wait! Who am I and how do I know all this??

Hi. My name is Amy, a former approval addict who is now addicted to success.

I am a Master Certified Martha Beck life coach, hand picked to train coaches for Martha Beck herself. I am also mom to Alice, Anthony and Joy. My eight-year-old twins and my five-year-old.

I live the life of my dreams. Three days a week I make a great living doing work I adore with clients I love. The rest of the time I get to hang out with my family.

This might sound cliché but it’s the 100% truth. I wake up every day excited about my life. I take surf retreats in Hawaii, vacation with my family in Disneyland, reach thousands of people through my writing and coaching, and absolutely love training coaches and teaching classes for Martha Beck herself.

But I didn’t always live this way…

To the outside world I was the golden child (or I wanted everyone to think so anyway). In high school I was girl of the year, homecoming queen, captain of the dance team. I was the first kid in the family to go to college and graduate with honors. I married the perfect guy. We bought a house. We drove Volkswagens.

But inside I was miserable, I hated my life and I couldn’t figure out why…

I had created an elaborate façade. I thought my exterior would help me be happy. If I looked good, if I dressed right, if I had the degrees, the awards, the guy, the house, the kids, I would be fulfilled.

I eventually realized that it doesn’t matter whether people marvel at my gold stars or not, I have to feel good from the inside.

And here’s the best part, I discovered that getting over my approval issues was the best way to attract my ideal client, make more money and have an absolute blast kicking ass in my business and life.

I created a six-step blueprint to help anyone overcome “The Approval Trap” and embody “Brazen” in Business and Life. My method is NOT theoretical. I have helped thousands of people around this issue. There is no one else offering this kind of transformative work to women on a mission.

The good news is you have a gigantic pot of gold “hiding” in plain sight…. YOU

It’s going to magnetize your ideal client to you, allow you to raise your rates like the rock star you really are and have a blast creating the bold authentic and kick ass business or project of your dreams (while helping others in the unique way that ONLY you can)!

Some people think confidence is a personality trait – you either have it or you don’t. Well, I think that’s B.S.!

You have to develop it. Too many people believe in the myth of the “bad” personality! A “bad” personality is simply a stifled one — one that has been hiding under The Approval Trap.

I’m going to help you unleash the real you, with confidence.

Your personality is absolutely magnetic to your tribe. People will pay you well just for you to do your thing and you, simply by being you, will finally find your true voice and make a real impact. Watch out world!

You have all of it in you but right now, you have no idea how to access it.


Confidence in yourself is the gold that will magnetize your ideal client, bring you more money and create results in your biz and life… I have the blueprint.


I loaded this program with the mindset and the groundbreaking tactics every confident, change making, status quo busting, awe inspiring woman on a mission needs to know to kick ass in biz and life, magnetize her tribe and make great money doing it.

What does Brazen look like?

  • You are confident.
  • You are adventurous, playful, fun-loving.
  • You magnetize people to you because you inspire them to be real, just like you. They find you fascinating.
  • You challenge the status quo, you defy expectations, you surprise people.
  • You are a risk taker and a change maker.
  • You are not afraid to make waves.

Ginger-Moran_edit“The single most important reason I have moved into a more powerful place in my life & business is working with Amy Pearson.”
Ginger Moran

Brazen is the willingness to be 100 percent authentic no matter what!
It is living your truth and shouting it boldly from the rooftops.

Sound scary?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

Yeah, I know it does.

Quoting Martha Beck, “the unit of biological survival for a human is one individual. But for emotional survival it’s two. Everyone needs at least one compassionate witness to their experience.”

We all need a compassionate witness – and I’m yours. I’m going to help you get over that fear. And in the process you are going to uncover your gold – the unique qualities you possess that make you extraordinary, indispensable and absolutely fascinating to your tribe.

Here are some of the shifts and transformations you can expect after joining me in the Be Brazen in Business (and Life) program:

  • Clarity! A sense of purpose and direction in your biz and in life
  • Bye bye overwhelm. You’ll know your priorities and bid adieu to time-sucking stuff that used to bog you down.
  • You’ll voice your ideas with confidence without coming off arrogant or conceited.
  • You’ll stop being phobic about trying new things.
  • You’ll charge what you want without apology energy.
  • You’ll be able to ask for what you want when you need it (and keep your head up high).
  • You’ll create real connections with other people, no more superficial shop talk with other coaches or surfacy small talk at networking events
  • You’ll form a supertribe to experience what true belonging is like (and get the support you need)
  • You’ll learn how to actually say no (without spending the next 48 hours obsessing over it) and set healthy boundaries with your clients
  • You’ll regain lost stores of energy and creativity
  • You will drop kick the habit of worrying about other people’s opinions of you
  • You will learn how to channel criticism in a crazy-productive way to improve your business and life
  • You will stop sacrificing yourself at the altar of other people’s needs so you can have more time do your work in the world
  • You will learn how to literally magnetize your ideal client to you
  • You’ll access buckets of inner charisma that you didn’t even know you had to inspire other people to share their truth with the world (and hire you)
  • You’ll learn how to stop Energy Vampires and Debby Downers from sucking up all of your time an energy
  • And lots more!

Yes! I shall Be Brazen in Business (and Life)! Count me in! (Click below)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.57.14 AM



So you want to see the blueprint huh?
Here are the exact six steps in the “Be Brazen in Business (and Life)” blueprint:

Step 1) Getting Crystal Clear

First order of business is clarity. What is keeping you trapped? What do you really want? We will examine the truth about where you and where you want to be. So you can begin closing the gap with purpose and direction.


And the magic begins! In step two we start to uncover your strengths (you won’t believe they have been hiding in plain sight all these years!) so you can start to build your biz or project around them.


I bet you didn’t realize you already have all the answers? You just don’t know how to access them…yet. This step is about self coaching, the key techniques that will keep you connected to your truth, 24/7.


Fear is not the enemy. All successful women on a mission know this. It’s what we do about fear that sets us apart. In step four you’ll uncover the resources you need to start playing big, taking risks and making the impact you need to create results.


Humans are like bicycles. You need forward momentum or else you fall down. In this step, I show you what to do when you feel stuck so you can keep moving towards your best life.


None of this would be worth doing if it weren’t any fun. Play is great for it’s own sake but it is also the key to innovation, creativity, self-discovery and growth – and kick ass problem solving! In this step we make sure play is a primary part of your life as you move forward with clarity, purpose and direction towards your dreams!


Emma O'SullivanAmy’s work has been invaluable to my coaching business both in terms of earning and my confidence. In a few short months I filled my coaching roster and am on my way to my first 10k month. AND I approve of ME! Thanks Amy!”
Emma O’Sullivan


Yes! I shall Be Brazen in Business (and Life)! Count me in! (Click below)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.57.14 AM



The Be Brazen in Business (and Life) Curriculum:

Class 1: Getting Real About The Approval Trap

  • What the approval trap is an how it’s showing up in your biz and in your life
  • Why “fitting in” is a bad success strategy – and how to start to change it
  • Your unspoken rules for success that are actually sabotaging yours –and how to remove them so you actually create what you want
  • The hidden expectations you are putting on your clients and prospects— that up until now you didn’t realize were pushing them away
  • The 30 second technique to uncover your authentic desires

Class 2: Getting reacquainted with your bad ass self

  • Exactly how you stifle yourself and how it will keep you from playing big and making an impact
  • Why living in integrity is NOT about pleasing people YET all about more attracting your tribe
  • How to being honest and authentic will make you money!
  • Why having goals will virtually guarantee impact and how to stay in continuous forward motion

Class 3: The Secret to Attracting The Best Quality Clients

  • How to literally magnetize your tribe to you by being fascinating NOT likable
  • How to market/communicate/speak to your tribe–and why you should ignore everyone else
  • Why “I’ll work with anyone who can pay me” is a horrible client attraction strategy
  • How to start your own master tribe for inspiration, support and clarity
  • How to use judgment, criticism and rejection to your advantage!

Class 4: The Cave You Fear To Enter

  • How to uncover and look at what *you think* are your flaws–and turn them into money-making gold
  • Why what you’ve been trying so hard to hide is the key to standing out in the marketplace
  • How to actually leverage fear and shame to help you create what you want

Class 5: Your Biggest Hidden Opportunity

  • Putting it all into practice by formulating an action plan to get what you want
  • Leveraging the power of play to innovate, create and fascinate
  • Ensuring continued forward momentum and what to do when you get stuck
  • Why playing to your edge has to be part of your biz (and life) strategy
  • And finally… Unveiling the new, brazen, you

Here’s how it works.

The 5-week program begins when you enroll.  

number1Each week you will receive access to a pre-recorded call with me (all calls include my personal class notes).

number2At the beginning of each week you will also receive an action challenge for you to do before you listen to the call.

number3There will also be what I call “solo excursions” on the weekend (trust me, you will be putting these techniques into practice in a major way.)

number4You will have access to a private Facebook community where I have invited a Panel of Expert coaches with expertise in areas that deepen the work of this program to join in. They will offer guest classes and office hours in the group. That’s in addition to the coaching you’ll get from me there.

Plus, You’ll Get These Brazen Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Coach Yo’self Toolkit ($57 value)

Good news! You don’t need to be a life coach to coach yourself. In this simple, step by step guide, I share my absolutely can’t live without favorite techniques that I use to coach myself. This is 38 pages of the exact tools I use everyday in my coaching practice. By the end, you’ll be able to apply these same techniques to get clear and move past anything that is keeping you stuck.

Bonus 2: Coaching Revealed The Entire Series
($185 value)

These recordings and the worksheets that accompany them are going to supercharge our work together. You are going to identify with every one of the clients I coach in this series. Listening to the people I coach will open you up to new insights, things you too are experiencing but might never be able to put into words.

Bonus 3: Master Martha Beck Coaches on Approval Addiction ($197 value)
In these exclusive interviews, Martha Beck Master Coaches talk with me about their own experience with The Approval Trap. They shares details about how The Approval Trap impacted them and what life is like on the other side. (4 mp3 recordings and transcripts included!)

Bonus 4: Handling the Haters ($97 value)
Stop letting the naysayers and debby downers and outright haters get the best of you.

Rejection sensitivity, apology energy, hate screeners, the one third rule of tribes, creating a power tribe… and much more.

How much would it be worth to put in end to worrying about what other people think? Let’s make this YOUR year to be you uncensored, no apologies in your biz and life… and it starts and ends with this piece.

Bonus 5: How NOT to Quit: 5 Qualities Every Woman on a Mission Needs to be
UNSTOPPABLE at Whatever They Do ($97 value)

You need to get into action AND STAY THERE! Your ability to stay in the game is THE number one factor that differentiates you from the masses of women on a mission who give up on their dreams. If you can embody THESE 5 qualities (HINT: anyone can! It’s a skillset like anything else) you are guaranteed to succeed.

Bonus 6: The Perfectionist Cure: How to Uncover, Dismantle and Transform Perfectionistic Thinking ($97 value)
ATTENTION Perfectionists! This class is for YOU. Even though I created this tool in my first year as a coach, I use it over and over again to help perfectionists drop the self-imposed pressure, make friends with their quirks and get into and stay into action. It’s pretty darn gooooood (if I do say so myself).

Identify Your Unique Value Proposition
Approval Seeking Personality Type

FULL For the First 20 ONLY – MINE YOUR “FLAWS” with Amy, a Group Coaching Call on Your Approval Seeking Personality Type ($500 value)

I’m going to personally help you to reframe your approval seeking personality type so that you can identify your hidden GOLD that you can use to make 2016 your best year ever!


This program is for you if:
  • You have always had a deep desire to heal the world in a way only YOU can
  • You are a female entrepreneur, business owner or another kind of woman on a mission (maybe you want to finally write that book or pursue your dream career as a stage set designer)
  • You yearn for deeply meaningful work that will ALSO build a sustainable income for years to come
This program is NOT for you if:

(Hey this program isn’t for everyone. I want you to self select out of this opportunity right away if it’s not for you! )

  • You believe that reading about things is the same as doing them.
  • You are not willing to do or see things differently. Be ready for same major challenges to your existing way of being in the world. If it sounds like that might be too much for you. Think twice about this program.
  • You think this program is your path to easy money. Well I said it would be fun but I didn’t promise you that it would be easy. You are going to be required to step up in a major way that will require considerable courage. Some people are just not ready for this type of transformative work.
My Wish for you is NO REGRETS

Here’s the thing, I think you sense what you are truly capable of. There is a little voice inside you who believes. You know you have something to contribute, you know you can make an impact and you yearn to be paid well for doing your work in the world.

Most of all, you don’t want to have regrets about your life. You want to look back and smile when you think about all you did, all you accomplished, all you healed.

If this is you, I urge you to take the next step. And I have found that magic happens when you show up ready with your sleeves rolled back.

No regrets!

Amy Jones with AmyAmy Pearson has taught me so much about being brave. The practical do this/read this/say this of having the courage to go create what I want to see in the world. And teach what I want people to know.”
Amy Jones

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.57.14 AM


Click above to enroll and receive your bonus material right away!

How this program can (literally) pay for itself…

Think about it this way, what if after taking this program you…

… had the confidence to raise your rates?

… finally got over your fear and wrote that book?

… shared an insight in your blog that went viral?

… attracted new clients (your ideal clients no less)?

… finally found the time to launch that new program you have been dreaming about?

What would this injection of confidence be worth to you this month? This year? Your life time?

The big question is are you ready to leap? If this program feels right to you, it may be the Universe calling you to start taking bold action in support of your mission. Be brazen!

One of my mentors said this to me…

“You can’t expect people to invest in you at a level higher than you have been willing to invest in yourself.

So are you ready to invest in your dreams? What are you waiting for? You’ll never get that time back you know 🙂


My refund policy:
… is very simple (with permission I borrowed this from Susan Hyatt who never ceases to inspire me — thank you Susan!)

All of your payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.

Why? Because I know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh, no, I don’t reeeeally need to do this” or “Ugh, life is just so busy! Oops! Changed my mind!”

I’m putting my foot down and saying, “Nope. None of that.”

When you buy a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, and then decide you don’t feel like going, or it’s too far to drive, or you can’t find a babysitter, or whatever… what happens? You don’t go. You stay home. You miss out.

Are you going to write an email to Beyoncé and ask for a refund? Hell no.

Beyoncé ain’t refunding your money just because you decided not to show up, or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. That was your choice.

This may sound like “tough love,” but that’s my policy, too.

Respect your time. Respect mine. Say “yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.

Any questions before you commit? Email for a speedy, caring response.



“The Be Brazen in Business (and Life) course is like none other.  There is no doubt that I feel braver, more confident and comfortable in my own skin.  Brazen helped me kick heavy doses of shame to the curb.  I definitely took way more action in a number of different areas in my life and I know that the support of the Brazenista’s and the killer class content helped SO much.  Amy is such a great teacher too–she is fun, inspiring,crazy smart and incredibly thorough and generous.  The classes are packed full of amazingness and there is a plethora of super helpful and supportive extras.  Be Brazen in Business (and Life) is original, practical and uber-helpful.  I highly recommend it. ”
Michelle Reinhardt

“Since taking the Be Brazen in Business (and Life) course, I’m WAY more in touch with myself. I didn’t realize how often I was quieting myself out of fear of others’ reactions. But now I think less and act more. I’m questioning “truths” that before I accepted without doubt. I’m starting to feel like my own best friend. (HUGE!)

The phone calls were key for me. Hearing Amy stand in her truth week after week was empowering, freeing, and inspirational. I also loved the Facebook group. What an amazing group of women. The weekend excursions were also super important for me, as I tend to stay in my head. These practical exercises forced me to put into practice what we were learning. That’s when shifts occurred.

I feel like I’m looking at my life from a different perspective. I finally have the “how” I’ve been searching for. I now have a better handle on how to view my emotions, how to look at my fears, how to be gentle with myself, how to sit with my own being (flaws and all) with a gentle curiosity–and, even better–pride.

I truly feel like this program is a life changer, and I will be the first one to shout about it from the rooftops the next time it’s offered. I know I’m only feeling the beginning of its impact on me, and I’ll return to this program again and again. I can’t wait to dig deeper into this new, brazen world.”

Adrianne Munkacsy

“Since the Be Brazen in Business (and Life) program, I feel more courageous and I don’t care as much what people think. I am more confident as a coach.

I loved the flexibility in this course to listen to recorded calls, the amazing resources, the facebook forum, and the opportunity to interact and ask questions on the calls.

The homework/excursions have been great and forced me to identify some of my barriers. I have also learned a lot from the other members on the forum.

I am so grateful for Amy’s professional approach, support, and her vulnerability and would recommend her program 100%.”

Jen Bodenham

“I gained a tribe. A throng of like-minded women who cheer me on and don’t think I’m weird or over-thinking things. They have been such strong supporters of me taking baby steps in the direction of my true purpose—a terrifying exercise made bearable by their kind words and fist pumps.

The Be Brazen in Business (and Life) Facebook group was huge—I don’t think the program would have been as powerful for me without it. It allowed us to get to know each other and share triumphs and struggles. Also, giving Amy opportunities to see how it was going and give encouragement and advice throughout. I also appreciate the centralized resource page that allows us to download and access everything. There’s so much great info, it’s important to be able to soak it in at the pace that’s right for me.

The Be Brazen in Business (and Life) program has definitely given me courage to stand for my truth (as I type this, tears are rolling down my cheeks). I’ve been challenging myself to say what’s true, which is one of the scariest, most difficult things for me to do—with Amy’s coaching and the ‘Brazenista tribe’, I have felt supported and safe enough to risk being so vulnerable. I know no matter how anyone else reacts, I have a group of women who are there to cheer me on and encourage me regardless. Makes a huge difference.

I would tell others that Be Brazen in Business (and Life) is a great way to get started on your path. It’s for those who want to bring the best of themselves, no matter how scary or confusing the process might be. It takes guts.

I’m so grateful for Amy’s support of me and my writing in particular. Her posting my blog on her own Facebook page (more than once, even!) was not only an honor, but truly encouraging and affirming for me. It felt like a cookie from the Universe, saying, “Your truth matters and it’s of service to others.” I won’t forget it.”

Amy Jones

“Since taking the Be Brazen in Business (and Life) program, I step up way more often, care much less about what others think, understand that I can’t make the haters love me and I challenge my clients to do the same.

Consistently throughout the program, Amy shares vulnerability, honesty and an intense desire to over-deliver.  Amy’s demonstration of ‘living it to give it’ is allowing me to do the same.  And way more fully.

Now I am showing up way more intentionally, with more focus and more direction. My awareness of shame has allowed me to let it go and move forward more easily. I am a better coach and my clients are on the receiving end of the ripple effects.

I would recommend Be Brazen in Business (and Life) because of the benefits I have experienced. A huge THANK YOU! I am living better, and so are my children and my clients, because of Amy and her message. Amy, YOU ROCK!”

Lissa Markwardt

“Amy is the champion for all approval addicts out there. She shows us that it possible to be authentically real, vulnerable, and amazing despite what our inner critic says. Amy uncovers all the things that stop us, gives us tools to deal with them, and then arms us with even more tools and food for thought to help us uncover our own brazen, amazing selves.

Since completing the Be Brazen in Business (and Life) program, I am a little nicer to myself in my thoughts. I feel more in touch with what I actually really want for myself and my life and don’t feel like I need to be “perfect”.  I never used to feel like I could offer coaching because I wasn’t <insert whatever> enough. But being vulnerable and sharing who I really am does help people. And I do have talent and skills. My people will find me and I also need to go find them.

I loved the written transcripts of the calls and the interaction from Amy on the calls with us. Some online courses offered by other coaches only include homework and there doesn’t seem to be any live interaction by the coach. Because she worked closely with us and read all our responses in the forum, each week was tailored to address what we needed.

I’m much more aware of approval addiction and the things I used to do to get it. I feel better knowing that even successful people (like the kick ass lady who gave this program) has her own shit that still comes up.

Moreover, I love the community that was formed from this class. Meeting other members of “the tribe” was such a gift.  If that all wasn’t enough, the bonus material was worth the price of the course alone. You wouldn’t think hearing someone else be coached would be helpful. However, that’s not the case. Just hearing someone else basically have the same thoughts I do and then hearing Amy coach on those thoughts was valuable on many levels.”

Kayll Frappier

“It generated so many positive results and I would definitely recommend Be Brazen in Business (and Life) to others.  This course caused huge changes in my life in a very short amount of time. Also, I was able to overcome challenges during the 5 weeks that I have been failing to overcome for YEARS.

The Be Brazen in Business (and Life) course is brilliant! Please continue offering it!”

Wende Garrison

“Be Brazen in Business (and Life) helped me to finally set a deadline for myself to finish my novel that I have been working on for five years. But the bigger thing is how I am working on it is totally different. It is like an experiment in letting myself just flippin’ go for it and be messy. I don’t know how it will turn out or if I will make my deadline, but there is this cool new feeling of how I can approach big things. I used to be a total perfectionist and now -I am embracing the opposite. I think I am at the beginning of a whole new way to approach problems, goals, creativity, and life in general.

I just love Amy. I loved the calls because hearing her true story of finding her way to herself connects me to my true story and makes me feel hopeful and excited about my own journey. It is awesome to hear someone talk about their shame and their shadow and their road to a more fulfilling life.

Every exercise and resource was helpful in some way. I feel like looking at my thoughts specifically is this life changing thing right now. She talked about that a lot and had practical resources for this kind of work. I loved listening to the Coaching Revealed stuff because I get an even better sense of it. It is frickin’ exciting. And Amy is so good at working with people. I feel how much she can be with a person where they are (and that aspect alone is just so profound-it makes me realize how rare and lovely this is). I can hear how much she cares and she really helps people. It’s super cool, energizing, and helpful.

If you want to change your life, and help yourself, and move past stuff, and be real this is a concrete way to do it. Plus you will laugh ’cause Amy is funny.

Amy is in her life in a way that I think all of us want to be in our lives. She shows that you can be exactly who you are AND create the life that you want. She really makes you feel like wherever you are and whatever your past is, it is okay. It is good. Even if there is some painful stuff back there in the past…she makes you see, by example and the work from her courses, that you can embrace your whole story. That it actually feels good to do that. Amy is really special.”

Adriane Nichols

“While listening to the Be Brazen in Business (and Life) pre-call, my body compass said “yes”, I found the link to the signup page and was in before the end of the call.

After the program, I’m much more aware of looking for my own guidance and noticing when I’m looking outside for approval.  I loved the enthusiasm and energy that Amy radiates.

During the course, I got the idea for my book and I’m well on my way to having my shitty first draft ready by early summer 2013.

I would absolutely recommend Be Brazen in Business (and Life) to others! Amy walks her talk and over-delivers on content and substance, and I love having all the reference material that will be there whenever I want to go back to find what I may have missed the first time.”

Maryna Smuts

“The best thing about Amy is that the girl “walks the walk,” and nothing is more encouraging or inspiring than someone who is willing to do the work with you. My work with Amy has led to some deep insights that are transforming how I relate to others, and I am learning to shed the layers of fear that keep me from being radically authentic. Her honesty, compassion, and willingness to laugh at herself make this process a rewarding experience, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your gifts and calling each of us to do the same.”
Jaclyn Pratt

“Be Brazen in Business (and Life) has made me feel like I’m steeped in the idea of changing my thinking and being more on my own side.

I love that the course audios come with transcripts!! Having the option to read the material, to follow along, or to go back and find something in print rather than searching through an audio is WONDERFUL. Thank you! I also love the interactions on the Facebook page and am really happy that we get to keep the group.

Realizing just HOW much of an approval whore I can be was eye-opening. Having someone to say “Hey, you don’t need to do things that way; it’s okay to stand up for yourself!” and to have that reinforced with the group and the extras is really powerful stuff. I’m not done–I still hesitate–but I’m more willing to stand up for myself with others and I definitely look at my own thoughts more critically.

Be Brazen in Business (and Life) is a great program for anyone who’s struggling with approval and the ways it keeps them trapped in a tiny sphere.”

Nancy Norbeck

“Be Brazen in Business (and Life) was an amazingly supportive program that helped me practice taking risks and being vulnerable. One of the biggest gifts I got from the program is that I understand that I am always going to feel afraid, I’m never going to be “ready”. I’m just starting out in my business and the course helped me to see that everyone feels afraid, everyone doubts themselves and their dreams, and it’s the successful people who move forward anyway. Being willing to risking vulnerability and failure is ticket to creating my big vision.   Thank you Amy!

Be Brazen in Business (and Life) was great because it can be applied to your business and your life no matter where you are. ”

Alexandra Waring

“Working with Amy was the single best thing I ever did for my business.”
Nicole Bell